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Comedian Performing


The Understudy offers classes in the different forms of comedy that we showcase. Whether you are interested in a career in comedy, want a new hobby, or want to improve on your public speaking, we have a class for you.


Our three performance courses are Improv, Stand Up, and Sketch Comedy. These courses meet once during the week for 2 1/2 hours over the six week term. At the end of the course, you put on a show for your friends and family. Our public speaking course is also six weeks long, however, there is no performance at the end of the course.

Our professional instructors have a long history in their fields and are veteran teachers of the craft. The specifics of each class are listed below.


If you are interested or want more information, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Let us know which class you are interested in and we hope to see you in a class real soon.

Improv Comedy

Improv Comedy is the comedic art of making up jokes through scene work or theater games as a performance art without a script. Improv is a great skill to develop if you want to increase your social IQ, touch several different aspects of performing, and have a ton of fun.


Sketch Comedy

A Sketch is a comedic exploration of a concept, character, or situation through a written work. This work is then performed on stage. Whether writing, performing, or both, Sketch comedy can be a very meaningful social activity.


It can also just be for fun.


Stand Up Comedy

The long standing tradition of Stand Up Comedy has deep roots in American culture. Stand Ups typically engage in a conversational monologue with the audience through stories, bits, one-liners, or prepared jokes. Stand Up can sharpen your wit, force you to look at things differently, and help you develop a disciplined work ethic. 


Public Speaking

Regardless of your profession or walk of life, you are likely to interact with people. Eventually you may even have to speak in front of an audience. Public speaking remains one of the most common phobias. Taking this course can make you a more efficient and confident speaker. It may also improve your day to day interactions.


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