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How you can help

The Understudy is a locally owned small business and everyone who works or performs there has a real job somewhere else. We are dedicated to the quality of the entertainment and live comedy culture in Tyler, and if you are too, then please become a Patron of The Understudy.


If you cannot sign up right now, then here are some other ways you can help us keep The Understudy going.

  • Attend shows on the weekends as often as you can. [Upcoming Shows]

  • Sign up for a class. [Available Classes]

  • Buy a shirt and wear it around town.

  • Put a car decal on your back window.

  • Tell a friend about the shows.

  • Volunteer to feed our performers grapes and nuts while fanning them with a large palm leaf.

Become a Patron

Our goal is to bring Tyler a great entertainment venue and help build a performance culture here in East Texas. We cannot succeed without the patronage of the people of our city. Please visit our Patreon to see how you can help support this local theater and gain benefits for yourself. Thank you so much for your consideration. We couldn't do this without all of you.

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